Micropigmentation In Warrington

At Danz Hair Clinic, we are based around 17 miles away from Warrington, in Merseyside, which can be reached within half an hour driving or an hour using public transport. We treat clients from all over the UK, so if you’re looking for hair a loss solution, then look no further.

Clients in Warrington that come to Danz Hair Clinic can benefit from our specialist treatment for hair loss that is scalp micropigmentation (SMP). As well as our professional accolades, our work comes from a place of personal experience of what suffering from hair loss is like.  We can offer clients in Warrington the best hair loss treatments out there with this service.

Scalp micropigmentation is a permanent yet non-invasive solution for hair loss. The treatment consists of tattooing ink pigment onto your scalp in order to appear as hair follicles, which can either provide a shaved-head look or increase the apparent density of existing hair. We match the pigmentation of the inks to your natural hair colour. Replicating fine hair strands, we tattoo onto balding or bald areas of the scalp to gives the appearance of a fuller and thicker head of hair. Any hairless skin is hidden and blended seamlessly with your natural hair.

Lots of clients in Warrington are attracted to this treatment as it is less invasive than hair transplants. The treatment is less painful that surgical hair loss solutions and you can soon start seeing the effects. It’s important to keep to scheduled appointments as SMP has a specific timeline that you should adhere to for the best results. It’s also important to stick to the aftercare instructions. Once complete, touch-ups will help you obtain the best results.

To find out more about our hair loss treatments for customers in Warrington, please contact us and the team will be pleased to provide you with more information. You can reach us by completing our contact form, or by calling us on 01744 808060.