Micropigmentation In Wigan

Scalp Micropigmentation In Wigan

Here at Danz Hair Clinic, we are located just a stone’s throw away from Wigan, being around an hour away by car or public transport. This makes it the ideal location if you’re based in this area and looking for hair loss treatments near Wigan. The services we offer are new treatments for hair loss, including scalp micropigmentation and density treatment (as well as micropigmentation removal).

Our lead technician, Dan Norcross, is able to cover all the bases when it comes to the services on offer, qualified in both scalp micropigmentation and laser treatment. The basic idea of scalp micropigmentation as a hair loss solution is as a scalp treatment that makes use of micropigmentation technology to deposit pigment into the skin. This in turn offers the illusion of real hair through the small tattooed elements, providing the appearance of a shaved head. It is one of the best treatments for hair loss available in the UK, and is suitable for both those with thinning hair, as well as those who are completely bald.

Similarly, density treatment is best for those with thinning hair as it gives a look of a fuller head of hair. As scalp micropigmentation is a permanent hair loss solution, the laser removal treatment provides that additional choice, if you change your mind later down the line, or if you need a previous treatment fixed by us.

To get a sense of what you can expect from scalp micropigmentation treatments, view our gallery, or take a look at the example pictures taken before and after the SMP treatment. From our website, you can also see the cost of each treatment, where you will also see that we can offer a tattoo removal service, as well as the removal of previous scalp pigmentation.

For more information about how our Wigan customers can discover this new hair loss treatment, please visit our contact page and we will be happy to help you.